Gardians Dairy Milk Drying Plant

Client: Hawkins
Location: Clydevale
Start Date: November 2011
Completion Date: June 2012

Lunds were enaged by Hawkins as a super sub to construct this 30m high Dairy Dry Powder building. Lunds priced the project on preliminary drawings and began construction off these same drawings as the client had an absolute end date for completion and design phase had been delayed. Working from preliminary drawings on such a structure required expertise and insight by Lund staff.

We ran this project from our Dunedin office, with labour resource being provided by a mix of our Dunedin staff accommodated in Balclutha, traveling daily from Dunedin and local contract Carpenters. Constructing such a complex structure in such a tight timeframe required builders with experience. Lunds always ensured experienced staff were the majority. The key staff on this project, Senior Site Foreman, Ross Jamieson and Foreman, Ryan Muir were responsible for the site fabrication of the shear wall panels.

The structure was a 30m high dryer tower with in-situ concrete mezzanine floors at various levels. There were 4 x shear wall panels that had to be cast on site due to the weight being in excess of 50T. These panels were cast on a sacrificial bed by Lunds and completed in two lifts.

Lunds start on site was delayed due to a separate contractor hold up with drainage, however Lunds managed to bring the project back on programme quickly once construction started, much to the delight of Hawkins Project Management team.

Following Lunds impressive work on site the client's Project Managers, SKL8, then engaged Lunds direct as a Main Contractor for other areas of work. Lunds undertook this additional work in the same timeframe as the main dryer tower.