Countdown South Dunedin

Client: Progressive Enterprises Ltd
Location: Dunedin
Start Date: 2011
Completion Date: 2012

Awarded this contract on the basis that we could provide practical solutions to a project that had many difficulties and limitations, Lund completed the construction of the 4000m2 supermarket on June 2012, for Progressive Enterprises Ltd.

The site was once the home to the Dunedin Gas Works and hence was heavily contaminated. This encouraged the Structural Engineer to design a suspended slab sitting on 100 piles in lieu of a traditional post tensioned slab on grade to minimize excavation and disturbance on contaminated ground.

Lunds devised a methodology for site treatment of contaminated soil which provided the client with a monumental cost saving. On top of this, Lunds also comprised and evolved an alternative piling design as the specified system was not seen by Lunds as being the most cost effective and efficient system.

The foundation was like no other foundation ever encountered. 8T Precast beams spanning between driven piles (30m), HDPE fusion welded gas proof membrane, precast flat slabs and an in-situ topping creating a suspended slab at ground level. The combination of these trades and designs was completely new and came with incredible logistical challenges.

Due to the unknown factors to so many elements of the design, Lunds undertook direct control of a number of trades and tasks to ensure quality, health and safety and environmental conditions weren't compromised. This included: Excavation and contaminated soil treatment, reinforcing steel placement, concrete placing and structural steel erection.

Lunds overcame all the project's challenges through intuitive project management lead by Project Manager Justin McEntyre and the highly regarded Site Foreman, Greeny. The utilization of Lunds 100T & 55T crawler cranes were imperative to the success of this project and allowed Lunds to accelerate the project which was becoming derailed due to design issues.

With the main skeleton of the building completed on 23rd March, Lunds then completed the store, ready for the deadline opening in June 2012.